Publication Fee/稿件费用

Publication Fee/稿件费用

For the publication on conference proceedings:




  Registration fee (By US Dollar) 

  Publication Fee (4 pages)

  3000 元/篇

  450 USD/per paper

  Additional Paper (4 pages)

  2800 元/篇

  430 USD/ per paper

  Extra Pages (Begin at Page 5)

  300 元/页(超页费)

  50 USD/ per extra page

  Purchase Extra Proceeding


  500 元/本

  75 USD/book

Details of the Publication Fee

1. Publication fee for ISCEG 2020 is RMB 3000 (USD 450) per paper.

2. If the length of the paper exceeds 4 Pages, the cost of Each Extra Page (begin at Page 5) is RMB 300  (USD 50).

3. Publication fee only includes the publishment and indexing, not the conference and accommodation, transportation. If you want to attend the conference, please click: here.

5.  At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.

6. Completed registrations will be acknowledged by the Organizing Committee within 2-5 workdays after receiving your payment.

The official Receipt of your payment | 关于发票

After the successful registration, we will issue the official receipt of your payment, you will receive the receipt together with all conference materials at the conference site.